There’s something for every age and stage of the journey here at Gloria Dei. Find more information below for discipleship opportunities for men, women and adults 50+.

Plus, a list of our current adult bible studies as we live out our devotion and obedience to God's Word!

Men's Discipleship

Men at Gloria Dei are challenged to grow spiritually in their relationship with Jesus, as leaders in their homes and together in brotherly fellowship.

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Upcoming Events

Sun 1/12/20

Parent Seminar: Your Story

Sunday, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Join Kat Sievert, Director of Children's Ministry, from 5-7pm as we talk about our story.  We all...

Fri 4/17/20

Discipleship Adventure: Buffalo River

Friday, 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

Nestled in the hills and mountains of Arkansas is the Buffalo National River with lots of trails to hike...

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Women's Discipleship

At Gloria Dei we seek to grow, equip and encourage women as they share His love and compassion, serve joyfully, and foster the spiritual growth of those God has placed in their lives.

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Upcoming Events

Sat 12/14/19

Women's Christmas Brunch

Saturday, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Join the women of Gloria Dei for a festive Christmas brunch to celebrate the season! As we focus on this...

Fri 1/3/20

Renew Women's Retreat

Friday, 6:00 PM - 11:00 AM

Picture a place that is quiet and out of the way. Beautiful empty trees surround you and the air is crisp...

Sun 1/12/20

Parent Seminar: Your Story

Sunday, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Join Kat Sievert, Director of Children's Ministry, from 5-7pm as we talk about our story.  We all...

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Adults 50+

If you are 50 years or older, or if you are retired, come get involved at Gloria Dei and make some new friends while you're here!

Friendship Club

Meets 2nd Friday every month at 9:15am in KidzSpace, for Bible Study and informational speakers.  Fellowship is continued afterwards with lunch at local restaurants.  Special occasions are catered or "pot luck" in Life Center. Precinct #2 bus trips take us on interesting tours 6 times per year. This is a perfect opportunity to join in the fun with us who are "young at heart." For more information, contact Harvey Seyfang at 832-671-9191 or  .


Some of our "more seasoned" guys meet as the 'Roustabouts' on Tuesday mornings at 8:15 am for coffee, donuts and kolaches, and periodic opportunities to serve. 

Bible Studies

You're invited to take this opportunity to dig deeper into scripture and grow as a disciple, devoted and obedient to God's Word.



New Sunday Studies

(Beginning October 6-NOVEMBER 17)

Led by Pastor Brian Weaver.  As parents, we want to raise children who know God, love Him, and share His love with the world.  But raising kids who live out such faith is less about our own parenting skills and more about God's power.

In this 6-session study, by authors Dr. Josh & Christi Straub, discover the fruit of the Spirit in the context of your parenting, learn how to cultivate growth in your children, and explore practical ways to live out the fruit of the Spirit together.

Missional Essentials | 9:30AM | LIFE CENTER 211/213 (BEGINNING September 8-october 27)

Led by Stephanie Knea.  Missional Essentials helps followers of Christ rediscover the heart of God for their neighborhoods, communities, and the world.  This study is a field guide for taking the mission of God in every sphere of your life with God.

Financial Peace University | 9:30-11am | Life Center 215/217
(Beginning September 15-November 10)

Led by Lisa Havlice. We all need a plan for our money.  Financial Peace University (FPU) is that plan!  It teaches God's ways of handling money.  Through video teaching, class discussions, and interactive small group activities, FPU presents biblical, practical steps to get from where you are to where you've dreamed you could be.  This plan will show you how to get rid of debt, manage your money, spend and save wisely, and much more!

The class kit (books and materials) can be purchased the first day of class for $100.

Register by clicking here by September 13!

Ongoing Sunday Studies

bible stories for adults | 9:30am | life Center 214/216

 Led by Kurt Rosenhagen. Bible Stories for Adults is your opportunity to become reacquainted with the Biblical characters and events that Christians have come to love.  There is much we can learn about God as He reveals Himself through His-Story.

paul | 8am | Life Center 211/213 (sept. 8-29) and Life Center 210/212 (oct. 6-dec. 22)
(beginning September 8-december22)

Led by Gary Himmler & Richard Zalesak.  During his second and third missionary journeys, Paul the Apostle lovingly devoted much time and energy to the cities of Ephesus and Philippi.  He formed congregations and nurtured faith in the hearts of many believers.  Later during his first imprisonment in Rome with his thoughts and affections going back to Ephesus and Philippi, Paul wrote letters to the Christians in those cities.  We will take a carful look at Paul's teaching, encouragement and admonitions in the New Testament epistles.  Hearing it afresh from the pen of the Apostle, we will gain a greater understanding of God's purpose and how believers are to fulfill it in their lives.  We will also learn about standing firm in the face of adversity while exhibiting humility and unity.  Finally, we will further cultivate the qualities of Christian joy and faithful moderation with Paul as our tutor.

The Acts of the Holy Spirit | 11am | Life Center 214/216

Led by Keith Chuvala. The New Testament book commonly titled "Acts" or "The Acts of the Apostles", is a fascinating, instructive, and inspiring book. But it might be misnamed! It doesn't describe all of the actions of all of the Apostles, so it could be titled "Some of the Acts of a Subset of the Apostles", or perhaps "The Acts of Peter and Paul, with cameos by a few other Apostles". However, the Apostles are really the stars of the show. As the book reveals the tremendous power of God at work through His Gospel, perhaps the best title is "The Acts of the Holy Spirit". Join us as we read this book together, seeing how God established, blessed, and preserved His church, and discover how many issues faced by the first century church are still faced by the church today.

Mid-Week Men's Studies

Psalms |  Tuesdays | 6:45-8am  |  Life Center 214/216
(Beginning October 1-november 26)

Led by our Ron Petri.  This study will do one selected chapter from each of the different types of Psalms.  These types are:

1. Individual Lament
2. Individual Praise
3. Community Lament and Praise
4. Penitential Psalms
5. Imprecatory Psalms
6. Liturgical Psalms
7. Messianic Psalms
8. Royal Psalms
9. Wisdom Psalms

Questions about Tuesday Morning Men's Bible Study, contact Ron Petri at 281-733-9460.

Mid-Week Women's Studies

Living Life Together | Wednesdays | 9:30am | Life Center 212 & 217
(beginning September 11-october 9)

Led by Beth Hranicky & Mary Fricke.  Author and speaker Shauna Niequist is passionate about living life in community.  In four intimate video sessions, she walks through Scripture, challenging women to step out of isolation and fear and pursue relationships rooted in rest, grace, and reconciliation.  As you learn the benefits of living an authentic life with others in Christ and watch real-life stories of women who have experience freedom in meaningful community, you will discover why God designed and delights in relationships.  From RightNow Media.

Opening and Announcement are from 9-9:30am in Life Center 211/213.

Kick-off is Wednesday, September 4th, from 9-11am in Life Center 210/212.

Women of the Bible Journey - Elizabeth | 9:30am | life center 215/217
(Beginning October 16-december 18) - NO class 11/27

Led by Beth Hranicky & Mary Fricke.  Journey with a panel of women from Revive Our Hearts as we explore the lives of various women of the Bible.  Each new season will focus on a different biblical truth as we review the lives of women like Elizabeth (mother of John the Baptist), Abigail, Esther and more.

We will start with the story of "Elizabeth: Dealing with Disappointment".  From minor interruptions to deep, unfulfilled longings, life is full of disappointments, and yet, God's Word offers us much hope!  In this study, we will explore the subject of disappointment through the eyes of Elizabeth, walking through Luke 1.

Opening and Announcement are from 9-9:30am in Life Center 211/213.

Kick-off is Wednesday, September 4th, from 9-11am in Life Center 210/212.

Lifelight: 1, 2, 3 John | 9:30am | Life center 210/212
(Beginning September 11-december 18) - no class 11/27

Led by Kathie Stocker.  This study is part of the LifeLight Bible study series of in-depth studies of Bible Books.  The goal of LifeLight is that through regular program of in-depth persona and group study of scripture, more and more Christian adults may grow in their personal faith in Jesus Christ.  

Opening and Announcement are from 9-9:30am in Life Center 211/213.

Kick-off is Wednesday, September 4th, from 9-11am in Life Center 210/212.

20/20 - Seen, Chosen, Sent | 6-8:30pm | Life center 215/217
(beginning September 11-october 9)

Led by Dixie Russo.  20/20 will equip you to live your life on mission for Jesus.  In this 7-session study, by author Christine Caine, you'll develop a new understanding of how God sees you and has chosen you to help make Jesus' name known on this planet.  Through biblical teaching and lessons from her own life, this study will challenge you to share the story of how God's live has transformed your life right where you are.