Adult discipleship resources

While we have moved our weekly worship to an online venue, we will want to ensure that you have plenty of opportunities to continue growing at home!  Below you will find handful of studies to watch, listen and dive into.

The goal of 21 Days Together is simple and straightforward.  We want to bring as many people together as possible to share encouragement and hope during this unprecedented time.  This is also a call to prayer and action for the sake of our communities and the world.  
21 churches have banded together to create the #21DaysTogether movement.  Each church will be providing three videos per day except Sunday.  These videos are intended to inspire, encourage and provide hope.

This study is part of a larger training series for Gloria Dei Lutheran Church.  It centers around the call of Jesus to be His disciple.  
What does that mean?  What does a disciple's life look like?

Through this study, groups will disciple one another to seek Christ first in all things as participants grow in their understanding Biblically of the spiritual gifts Jesus provides to His disciples through His Holy Spirit, the purpose of such giftedness within the local context of God's people, such as the family of God at Gloria Dei, and how to grow and use one's spiritual giftedness for the purpose of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Many people are familiar with Psalm 23.  But because we all know it, we often breeze through the psalm without slowing down long enough to rest in the assurance it offers.  In this 6-part series on Psalm 23, pastor Matt Chandler introduces us to the great shepherd, the Lord, who promises to provide for every need of his flock.  Though only six verses long, this psalm teaches us profound truths about our loving and protective God.  By studying Psalm 23, we'll encounter a life-transforming question: Do you trust the Lord to care for your needs?

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Men's Discipleship

Below are some digital resources that we hope will challenge you to grow spiritually in your relationship with Jesus, as leaders in your homes and together in brotherly fellowship.


7 Challenges Men Encounter
Daily it's getting more challenging to be a man.  Our present culture is redefining manhood and confusing men in their pursuit of Biblical manhood. But how will you respond?  What will you say and do when the world demands a response?  Discover how to respond by rejecting passivity, accepting responsibility, leading courageously, loving unconditionally, living with integrity, serving humbly, and investing eternally.  Let others see masculinity and manhood through the lens of Christ in your life with these seven characteristics and become a better man, husband, father, and leader.

Be a Godly Man
God has created men to have incredible strength.  But today's culture has hijacked masculinity, distorting strength into passivity and abuse.  In this 5-party video Bible study series, pastor Joby Martin invites men to embrace God's definition of masculinity and to step into His calling upon their lives to weild their strength on behalf of others.  God has designed men to be proectors, providers, and defenders.  When men act like men, everyone flourishes.

A Man and His Design
A Man and His Design  is a 6-session Bible study that builds upon many of the timeless truths taught by Robert Lewis in the original Men's Fraternity curriculum but also includes new material on authentic manhood.  This series is designed to inspire and equip men to pursue authentic manhood as modeled by Jesus Christ in His 33 years on earth  

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Women's Discipleship

Below are some digital studies that we at Gloria Dei hope will help you during this season to equip and encourage women as they share His love and compassion, serve joyfully, and foster the spiritual growth of those God has placed in their lives.


Fear And Faith
Failure, rejection, sickness, losing a loved one, being alone - the fears we carry are many and heavy.  Fear can be a tyrant, a bully we can't hide from.  It can paralyze our spirit, damage our relationships, and hinder our faith.  In five heartfelt sessions based on her book, Fear and faith: Finding the Peace Your Heart Craves, speaker and author Trillia Newbell invites women to explore their fears and how those fears impact thier relationships, self-esteem, peace of mind, and walk with God.

Breathing Room for Women
You're filling your calendar, draining your bank account, and multitasking your way through life.  You're efficient...but exhausted.  You just need a little bit of breathing room.  With one surprisingly simple invitation, God offers a way to trade your overwhelming pace for one that will finally bring you peace.

It's All Under Control
If you're list most women, you have been trying to hang on tight so you can get life right.  Jennifer Dukes Lee has written this Bible study especially for you.  This isn't a journey to "doing less"; it's about becoming more of who God has truly created you to be.

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