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Every church is about something. There is a drive, a passion, a heart that permeates as the people gather for worship, for fellowship, for opportunities to connect with the community around them. At Gloria Dei, we are about people, serving and relationships - we connect together, we welcome newcomers, we partner in the community and throughout the world. This 3-week series gives us, the family of Gloria Dei, an opportunity to dive into our values, deepen our understanding based on the truth of God’s Word, and continue to live these out in our life together.

Sermon Series Discussion Questions

Week 1 – People

Read 1 John 4:7-12

Jesus cared deeply about the people He came to save. His mission and purpose was to reconcile, bring back, everyone to Himself. We as the family of Gloria Dei are also called to care about people simply because God loves them too. John reminds us in 1 John that we know how to love and are able to love all people because Christ first loved us. At Gloria Dei, we are about people – people our Savior has died for and been raised from the dead to redeem, people He came to save, people He has placed in our lives and community to love and guide in His truth and grace. This means we strive to build one another in obedience to God’s Word, service to one another, and through discipling relationships.

- Share the names of some of the people you love. Why do you love them?

- Is there someone around you that is tough to love? Why is that?

- How can you show God’s love to someone new this week?

Week 2 – Serving

Read Ephesians 4:11-16

The Body of Christ was not redeemed to simply stand still. Jesus has freed us through His death and resurrection to carry out His purpose – the proclamation of the Good News of life and salvation that in Him more people can live their lives with Him every day! Because we are about people, as Jesus is about people, we too love them as He loved us – in humility through service. We have been gifted, by the Holy Spirit, to carry out our Savior’s Kingdom work, and that means serving each other, and the community around us. This is not for our personal gain, but for the opportunity to pour out Jesus’ love and truth on the people He has placed in our lives – here at Gloria Dei, in our surrounding community, and to the ends of the earth!

- What was the most fun you have had while serving someone?

- Is it difficult to keep the idea of service in the front of our minds? Why or why not?

- Come up with a plan to serve someone this week – with your family, friends, small group, co-workers, etc.

Week 3 – Relationships

Read Acts 4:32-35

The people we are serving for the sake of our Savior’s Kingdom are not objects to receive our charity, they are people. They desire to belong, to feel loved and valued, to know they are accepted, welcomed, and respected. Our relationships are opportunities to share love, grace and truth and to be discipled and disciple others. It is in our relationships with others that they see our Lord’s light shining through us. We care about relationships at Gloria Dei because of our relationship with our Savior Jesus, where we are reminded just how much we are loved and can now love others.

- Who is one of your best friends or strongest relationships? What makes that bond strong?

- How have you benefited from a relationship with someone else?

- What relationships do you need to work on this week?


Life Defining Moments

Just before the new year Pastor Brian shared with us the life defining moment that a man named Simeon experienced when he met Jesus. He then challenged us to seek Christ in new ways so that we could experience life defining moments in Jesus! To watch or listen to that message again click here. Pastor Brian shared three ways in which we could seek Christ first as we start the new year! Check them out below with some helpful links to dive deeper.

1. Engage in a spiritual discipline. Click here to read the article that Pastor Brian shared in worship about 12 spiritual disciplines that you could dive into. 

2. Model a life of discipleship. Click here to walk through our series on discipleship. 

3. Challenge your purpose through prayer and praise. Spend 15 minutes in worship each day. Click here to view some simple family worship songs from Seeds Family Worship.

Digital Resources

Family Discipleship 

Homefront Magazine (November Digital Download) - Activities, articles, recipes, and more for families to do together.
Homefront Magazine Blog - Even more activities, articles, recipes, and more for families to do together.
Parent Cue Blog - Simple reminders and helpful conversation starters to help parents lead their children.
Phase Blog - For leaders and parents to learn about the phase that their child or group is in.
Seeds Family Worship - Resources and worship music for young families.
Faith5 - Video resources to help parents guide their children through a daily conversation of "share, read, talk, pray, and bless".

Movie Reviews

Common Sense Media - Reviews from a parental perspective for movies, TV, books, apps, and more.
Plugged In - Movie reviews from Focus on the Family.

Right Now Media

Gloria Dei members have access to an online video library called RightNow Media with over 20,000 discipleship videos for kids, students and adults. This is a great resource for small groups, families, and anyone looking for a guided Bible study. 

To learn how to watch RightNow Media across any of your devices click here.

To access our RightNow Media membership, contact Becky Herrscher at

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We are always on the lookout for new resources to use. If you have something that you think would be great let us know by downloading the form below and returning it to Ross Owens in the church office.

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