The Red Letter Challenge (RLC) is 5-week sermon series, 7-week Bible study, centered on the Gospels and what Jesus said, in some translations, the “red letters”, and actually seeking to put His teachings into practice. Throughout the RLC, there are 5 main principles explored in our life of faith…

  • Being- what is our identity in Christ?
  • Forgiving- how do we forgive as we have been forgiven?
  • Serving- how do we show Christ’s love to the world?
  • Giving- how do we steward what God has given to us?
  • Going- what is Christ calling us to do with His good news?

This 5-week journey as a congregation is to seek Christ first by being devoted and obedient to His Word, specifically the teachings and commands He gave to His followers in the Gospels. The curriculum is written and prepared in a 40-day format making it appropriate to do during a season of the Church year like Lent.

Sunday, March 10th through Sunday, April 7th, 2019. Weeks 1-5 of Lent

The mission of Red Letter Challenge (RLC) is to help people live more like Jesus.  Sadly, when people think of Jesus-followers it is a far cry from who Jesus actually is.  After all that Jesus has done for us, we cannot be content with the picture and representation that we are sharing.  We must change the story and perception of who Jesus is.  We believe that if people truly met the real Jesus, they would really fall in love with Him. 

So how do we change the story that we are telling? 

We go back to Christ’s words.  You know, those red letters in your Bible.  It turns out He had a lot to say to His followers about what we are called to do and how we are called to live. 

The RLC is unique because it takes Christ’s literal words and gives you practical daily challenges based on those words.  The RLC will give you targets to shoot for to help you measure how you are practically following after Him.  RLC believes that Jesus followers want to be the best Jesus followers that we can be not out of obligation, but out of gratitude for what Jesus has done for us! 

Do you have what it takes to really follow Jesus and truly do what He said?The RLC will help you:

1)     Have a deeper relationship with Jesus.
2)     Receive God’s forgiveness in your life and give grace to others.
3)     Give you a greater heart of service.
4)     Help you become more generous.
5)     Give you confidence to speak about what Jesus has done in your life.

Ready to take the challenge?

Bible Study Opportunities

 Sunday Study Opportunities (beginning March 10th)

9:30am | Led by GDLC Pastors | Life Center Classrooms 210/212

11am | Led by Keith Chuvala | Life Center Classrooms 214/216

Mid-Week Study Opportunities

(Men's) Tuesdays beginning March 12th | 6:30am | Led by Ron Petri | Life Center Classrooms 214/216

(Women's) Wednesdays beginning March 6th | 9am | Led by Kay Wesson | Life Center Classrooms 214/216

Small Group

If you are interested in joining a small group that is going through the Red Letter Challenge, contact Becky Herrscher at or 281-333-4535.