Gloria Dei is about intentional discipleship. That intentional discipleship is focused on you, and how we can encourage and equip you in your walk of faith, no matter your starting point, age, previous church experience, or choice of favorite coffee shop in town. For us, it is about how Jesus is growing and transforming you in and through the journey of life, by His Spirit. It’s not perfect, we all struggle along the way. But, as we seek to grow disciples of Jesus at Gloria Dei, we believe it’s the moments of failure and triumph, of struggle and joy, of disruption and peace, that our Savior uses to transform us in His truth and grace.

Since Gloria Dei is about intentional discipleship, the question we are asking ourselves, as leaders in this community of faith, is how do we encourage and equip you to grow and live out your faith as a disciple in EVERY aspect of your life. That includes coming to worship on Sunday morning, hanging out with your friends on Saturday evening, and everything in between.

Christ died and rose from the dead for you, out of His love for you, so that He can be Lord of every area of your life. A disciple at Gloria Dei seeks to follow Jesus’ commands in their life, every day, every situation. And, when we struggle and fail, which we all do, we still seek Christ first as we admit our wrong and receive His mercy and grace.

A disciple at Gloria Dei is one who seeks Christ first in all things. When we seek Christ first, we are:

devoted and obedient to God’s Word

A disciple at Gloria Dei sees God’s Word, the Bible, as the primary truth in their lives. They seek to grow in understanding it and living it out. They turn to it every day and let it permeate throughout their life. While other experiences and resources may help a disciple understand different aspects of life, God’s Word, the Bible, is the over-arching truth they live by.

Loving and serving others

Serving others is a great thing, and there are plenty of opportunities to do so in our society today. But, it is the love of Jesus pouring through us as His disciples that sets apart our service of others. We don’t serve to receive the accolades, or to make ourselves feel good. We love and serve others because that is the command of Jesus to His disciples, and as we seek Christ first, we are devoted and obedient to His Word, and His commands.

being discipled while discipling others

In our lives as Jesus' disciples, we don’t believe we ever reach the end until we enter eternal life or Jesus returns on the last day. Our life as His disciples is a continuing process of others speaking His truth and grace in our lives and experiences (being discipled) while we are doing the same with other people (discipling others). This is the primary way we seek Christ first, remain devoted and obedient to His Word, and love and serve one another – by being discipled and discipling others. It happens simultaneously and throughout our lives.

Intentional discipleship is not a specific class or program, it’s a journey. Ultimately, the destination of the disciple’s journey is eternal life with our Savior, but He has redeemed us to live our lives as His disciples, right now, in the present! A life of discipleship is about the journey along the way, knowing the destination will be greater than we could ever imagine. It’s about the journey along the way with those God has placed in our life, so that together, we grow as His loved, redeemed people in Jesus Christ. We’d love to have you join us on this journey of discipleship, and together we can continue Jesus’ Kingdom work in and through Gloria Dei!