What to Expect

Kids (1st-5th Grade)

Our Kids ministry is for students in elementary school. We believe that parents are the primary faith-formers and we want to come alongside you as you and your family grows in Christ. We encourage families to come to Kids ministry together so that they can continue the conversations long after they leave our building.

When You Arrive

You will enter through the Life Center doors. After you go through our health screening you will go to the Kids Check-In Center. That is located past our Dei Break Cafe.
If it is your first time, please allow about 5 minutes to register your child. Our Kids team will help you register your child and show you the check-in procedure for future visits.
Please keep your parent pick-up tag handy with your child's code on it. This helps us get a hold of you if you are needed.

Service Times

Kids is open from 9:45-10:45am Sundays. Check-in opens to receive children 15 minutes before.

Parent Pick-up

Your child will receive a name tag that includes their unique security number. You will also receive a parent tag with this same number. We call this the Parent Pick-Up Tag. For safety reasons, no one is allowed to pick up your child without the parent tag you receive, so make sure you hang onto it.

If You Are Needed

If we ever need to get a hold of you, we will put your child's code at the bottom of the screen in our worship service. You would check the code on the screen with the code that is on your Parent Pick-Up Tag.

Monthly Resources


It’s amazing to watch a shuttle launch and think of all the hard work that went into making it possible. It takes teams of scientists and engineers, not to mention someone thinking of the idea in the first place. After all, a project like that takes more than just hard work; it takes initiative! When we take initiative, that means that we’re always on the lookout for things that need to be done. And
when we see a way that we can help, we launch into action—without having to be asked. 

Nehemiah definitely knew what initiative was about. He took it upon himself to rally the people of Jerusalem to rebuild the city wall, and then he led them to complete the work even though they faced challenges along the way. 

God took the initiative by sending Jesus to show us how much He loves us and fix the relationship between us. When we see a need and choose to do something about it, we reflect God’s image in us. Through our initiative, others can see the reality of God’s love for them.


Phase Podcast

Did you know Gloria Dei has a summer podcast? Each week we will be taking a look at the phases, or grades, of our kids. In each conversation we will highlight the changes in their development emotionally, mentally, physically and socially as well as share some stories from parents who just finished that grade with their child.

We hope that you are encouraged, supported, and informed as you enter the next phase in your child's life. We also hope that through this podcast you see that you aren't alone and maybe pick up some tips and tricks from other parents. This parenting journey is rewarding and sometimes hard, but it is never meant to be done alone.

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Phase Guide Books


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We developed the Baptism Marker Experience to help parents, and their children, learn more concerning what we believe about baptism and faith formation in the home. If you desire for your infant or child to be baptized, please fill out the electronic request form. This form will also provide you the opportunity to register for the next Baptism Marker Experience. No baptism is scheduled until confirmed by Andee Hasty.

Child baptism form