Student Ministry at Gloria Dei seeks to bring joy, empowerment, and encouragement to students
so they can be sent as Kingdom missionaries into their schools and into college!

Sunday Mornings

Sunday | 9:45-10:45am | Student Center

Each one of our Sunday morning opportunities is setup in a large group/small group format. Students hear God's Word in large group and then - through questions, activities, and object lessons - learn how to apply it to their own lives. Check out the weekly classes below and find what's available for your age! During this time we are doing out best to offer opportunities online and in person. Check out the individual class listings to see what online and in person looks like for each class!

6th Grade BIBLE STUDY | Student Center 296/298

Students are invited to join us for Bible study as they walk through the life of Jesus throughout the year in experiential ways!

7th and 8th Grade CONFIRMATION | Student Center 292/294

Students are invited to join us for Confirmation classes throughout the year for a unique learning experience! Both 7th & 8th Grade students will explore different aspects of the Catechism and our Lutheran faith together. Parents are highly encouraged to attend a special parent class while their children are in their own lessons.

PARENT CONFIRMATION CLASS | Student Center 194/196/198

Parents are invited to join us for a class designed just for them that helps them grow in their faith while also growing as the primary faith-formers for their student.


High school students are invited to join us as we grow deeper in our walk with Jesus! While we go through various series throughout the year, each week we have specific challenges and next steps that can help us all grow in our lives as disciples. We are starting out the year with a renewed theme in Sunday morning – Pursuit. We will be taking time each morning to talk about how God pursues us and how we, in turn, are called to respond in pursuit of a relationship with Christ. We will meet in the Chat Room.

Online Option for Sunday Morning Bible Study
We will be hosting a livestream on Discord each Sunday morning. Discord allows groups to connect online through video calls and group chats and can be accessed via web browser, PC, Mac, and mobile applications. Please follow the steps below to sign up for Discord and join the GDLC Student Ministry Group.

 Sign Up On Discord You will need to create a login with an email and password. Click here to sign up on Discord. Before proceeding please go to your email and verify your account.

 Join The Group – GDLC Student Ministry has a specific group (called a server on Discord) for your student to join. This will be where they will find our Bible study live stream and a group chat to ask questions on Sunday morning. Click here to join our server once you have signed up.

 Read the Rules – Before you can see anything else on the server you need to read and accept the rules. Click the #rules channel on the left hand side of the screen. Once you read through the rules you will need to click the green checkmark to accept the rules, followed by the yellow circle to receive a “HS Student” tag. 

Change Your Nickname – In order for us to know who you are online we need you to change your nickname. To do that right click on your username on the right hand side of the screen and select “Change Nickname”. Change your name to your first name and last initial. Hit save.

Join Us for Bible Study -  Our livestream will be posted under the High School Bible Study category on the left hand side. Clicking on the “HS Bible Study Room” will bring up the video for our livestream. To ask questions during Bible study simply click on “#hs-bible-study-questions”. This will minimize the video and bring up a text box to chat with other students and leaders who are watching online. To leave the “HS Bible Study Room” click on the phone icon with an x it in the bottom left hand corner. Note: Students joining online will not have access to share their video or microphone. It will be a one-way stream. Any communication will need to be done via text.

Sunday Nights

1st and 3rd Sunday | 5-7pm | Student Center

Students in 6th-12th grade are invited to join us for a fun night to hang with friends or make some new ones,  while growing in your faith! Our group is split up into two, middle school and high school. Each month we are tackling a new theme. Each night includes a Bible study, dinner, and games!

2nd Sunday | 5-7PM | Driveway Discipleship for High school students

High school students are invited to join us on the 2nd Sunday of every month for discipleship time. This is an opportunity for students to take a deep dive in their faith through Scripture and prayer. Students will see modeled what it means to be in a discipleship group and then challenged to lead their friends throughout the week. Students will meet at Ross' house. Email Ross for the address and bring a lawn chair.  

4th Sunday | 4-7PM | Off-site events for High school students

4th Sunday off-site events are back for high school students! We will have a different event each month so keep checking back for what's next.

March is all about eggs! And Jesus! High school students and their parents are all invited to join us this Sunday, from 5-8pm, for an Easter party and parent dinner!

Each year, our students gather for an Easter party on Palm Sunday that is all about eggs and Jesus! This year will be no different with egg tosses, egg hunts, eggs out of slingshots, and a hopeful Easter message! This time, however, parents are invited to join us as well. We will all enjoy a meal together followed by time for the students to enjoy some egg festivities while the parents meet together. For any parents that are daring enough we might also have time for them to join in the egg games as well!

This will be an awesome evening for our students to celebrate the Easter season while building relationships with their friends! It’s also the perfect night to bring a friend to join in the fun! For parents, this will be a fantastic chance to connect with other parents, find encouragement in one another’s support, and to grow as primary faith-formers in their student’s life.

WHO: 9th-12th Grade Students and Their Parents   
WHAT: High School Easter Party and Parent Dinner
WHEN: Sunday, March 28th, from 5-8pm
WHERE: Doerre Barn in Santa Fe (Address will be sent upon registration) 

Click here to register your family for this event!

It’s free for everyone so sign up now! (Note: If the student can’t make it, parents are still welcome to come and meet, and vice versa.)

Student Events

Student Calendar

Click the link below for a downloadable version of our annual school calendar. This includes all Sunday Night events, big trips, and family events. Print it out and hang it on the fridge! With anything during the COVD-19 pandemic, these dates are subject to change. 

2020/2021 Calendar


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